Hello, I'm Aimee!


Not sure what to say so I’ll just wing it, definitely my style..

I’ll start with my family; I have an amazing and supportive husband and 4 busy, beautiful, big-hearted children!

It all began when I fell in love with photography in High School, Grade 10 photography. Playing around with exposure, experimenting with the chemical baths and getting to explore the grounds surrounding my school looking for locations to take pictures. I continued to enjoy photography as the transition between film to digital became popular and then once I had children my passion was completely re-ignited.

You always hear “they grow up so fast” and it’s true, more true then I noticed until I blinked and 1, 2, then 5 years has rushed by. I wanted to document their childhood without having to keep 7000 art projects from each child every year but also wanted to capture their personalities, which class pictures don’t quite do. I knew after my 3rd child was born I wanted to invest my time into becoming a professional photographer. I started taking classes, workshops and building relationships with fellow photographers.

I love my job, I love hanging out with family’s and capturing life as it is NOW. Laughing with my clients, story telling, and developing friendships that I treasure. Getting to spend the most important day to date with a Bride, Groom, their family and friends. It’s always an honor knowing that I was chosen to capture their Wedding. Knowing that generations will be looking back on the moments they created and I froze in time. Prior to the wedding I get to know the couple pretty well, we chat often and I develop a great understanding of them as couple and what drives their love. I take that knowledge and apply a personal touch to each wedding. I truly take pride in my profession.

There is nothing that I don’t enjoy about Photography. The creative process is challenging and rewarding and there’s always more to learn and experience.

Lastly, your photographic memories are priceless and that I would be honoured to capture your memories!!

"I love capturing life the way it is now!"